Q:We are going to set up a new PCB production line. How would
Cosmos be helpful during our planning phase.
A:You will save lots of money on CNC routing machines purchase by 
using Cosmos router. It is one of the best way to recover your investment in few years. One of the examples is a recent plan
Cosmos provided to our client. By using Cosmos router bits rather
than other brand router bits, our client reduce thier investment in CNC routing machines for 80 million NTD to 10 million NTD in
their new production line.This reducement in investment makes our client's target, recovering all investment within two years,poss-
Router brand
Cosmos router bits
( coated )
Others router bits
( non-coated )
CNC machine
Made In Taiwan
Made In Japan
Table Speed
Life Time
20,000 m
10,000 m
CNC machine q'ty
Cost of CNCs
Q: We already used the coated routers and foundit is useless,
so don't feel any interest.
A. 1.The only one successful coated routers all over the world is 
produced by Cosmos.
2.Actually, Sumitomo spent cost more than US$20,000,000 and t-
en years,but still have no any success.
Q: Why we must use the coated routers of Cosmos?
A. 1.Can cost Down
For example, a customer used RC1.0mm originally and the life
time is 1.5M to 3M. Now they change to use the coated route-
rs of Cosmos and get the life time if from 8M to 12M. And t-
he stack is also increase from 4 stacks to 6 stacks.
2.Can increase output without increase the machine equipment
For example, a customer plans to buy 25 sets CNC machine or-
iginally. But after used the coated routers of Cosmos, they
can achieve the output of 25 sets CNC machine only use 17 s-
ets. So they save more than US$2,000,000.
3.Cosmos not only sell the coated routers, but also provide s-
olution to customers.For example, we ever helped our custom-
er to solve the problem of RAM Module/Golden Finger that the
copper will be pulled during routing. Cosmos also ever help-
ed customer to solve the cutting problem of Slit and get ex-
cellent result.
Q: Why can Cost Down if use the coated routers of Cosmos?
A: 1.The routing speed can be raised 3 times.
2.The stcks can be increased 25-50%.
3.The life time can be extended more than 3 times.Due to the
above three advantages can increase the production efficien-
cy, so ofcourse the cost will be reduced.
Q: What are the advantages for coated routers?
A: 1.The hardness of surface from 2,000HV increase to 4,000~4,500
HV. And the inner material is still tough.
2.The surface is smoother, and the friction factor is decrease
from normal 0.7 to 0.3.
3.Excellent heat spread, optimum chip removal and not easy to
cut-off.Customers can improved the quality and increase fine
products from the above three advantages.
Q:Why does Cosmos have confidence for their coated routers 
so much?
A: From chemical content of material, design of geometry, coating 
and test all handed by Cosmos themselves. And there is none
factory of router bits has similar working way like Cosmos.
Q:Is there any ptent for the coated routers of Cosmos?
A:Cosmos already applied for the Patent of Taiwan,China, Japan, 
and USA for the coating technology.
Q:The surface is too hard after coated and easy to cut-off.
A:The hardness of surface is increased after coated,but the toug-
hness of inner material is still kept the toughness. So the st-
acks can be increased and speed can be raised. This can not ac-
hieved by uncoated routers. Because the hardness of un-coated
is not enough, so the speed can not raised. If raise the speed
then the router is easy to cut-off.
Q:If you are not Cosmos's customer, how do you ask Cosmos 
provide solution?
A:Please contact with Sales Department of Cosmos. 
telephone no.:(02)2299-5153, ext. 630,602,603. Then Cosmos will send engineer to help you soon.