Quality System
quality Policy
     Provide the the best product service.
Quality Destination
   The quality destination of Cosmos is seting up with qualifying the 
quality policy and the result of the main operating system, it had to keep on improving as a target; to qualify the request of ISO 9000 sy- stem, we had to put the right on the activity and the precautionary measures, and to serve the customer.
Promise of Quality
    To realy keep the quality policy and quality destination in good
condition, that we had to use any method and to understand all the
levels in the organizatio.
Operating System
* To satisfied the request of the customers 
* Train of the Best skill
* To reach the top of the technology
* To serve back to the civilization
The Result Targrt Of 2002
    Complete the article of ISO 9000 (Year 2000 Version), to keep on the
quality improving. 
Test Equipment 
1¡GMicroscope for Metallograph
2¡GTool Microscope
3¡GIR measuring instrument
4¡GVickers Hardness Machine
5¡GCutting / Polishing /Grinding machine for Metallograph
6¡GTransverse Rupture Strength Machine