Cosmos News
2002.04.16 Cosmos insists to use its own brand name on PCV micro router bits and drill bits.
2001.12.19 Cosmos Vacuum Technology,The world wild leader of PVD technology
2001.07.22 Mr. Chen Kun Huang,The spokesman of Taiwan Commerce Chamber
Cosmos Vacuum Technology's Diamondcut is used by SONY of Japan
PCB-Used the Drill
3 Times more the procreaction ,5 times extend the durability
2000.06.30 Cosmos Vacuum Technology's Diamondcut is known as the best of the all
2000.06.27 Cosmos Vacuum Technology's Diamondcut had showupat the exhibition
of Japan
2000.06.08 Cosmos Vacuum Technology's authorize the authority of agency to Sumitomo
ElectricIndustries of Japan and as well as to Kemmer in United Stated.