2001-07-22 Unite News

Mr. Chen Kun Huang, The spokesman of Taiwan Commerce Chamber
Renew one's term of office of the main president of Taiwan chamber of commerce in Malaysia. An enthusiastic man who had been elected the main president of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in Asia

Reportor Cheng Rong Ning in Kuala Lumpur

During the fourth annual meeting of Asia United
Taiwan Chamber Of Commerce in Kuala Lumpur,an anonymous letter which wrote something bad about a chief of Republic Of China government. In the letter, it said that the overseas Taiwan busin-
essman became the chips for diplomacy. Because of it, most of them felt so depress, and then t- hey shown their disaffection about the governme- nt, people in the conference were so excited. Mr. Chen Kun Huang-the head leader of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, saw that happened ,go ahead and tr- ied to persuade them to calm down and said to th- em:"We are the guests in other people's house,how can we yell to our parent in front of other peop- le?"suddenly they stoped when he said that.Becau- se of it,he served as the main president of
Taiw- an Commerce Chamber for 2 terms, and now he beca- me the main president of Asia United Commerce Ch- amber.
For the campaign of the main presdient of Asia chamber of commerce, Mr. Chen want to clear the impact between the different groups of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce as the main purpose for the election,but when look back the previous' election, from begining till the final voting ,there ware so many problems and conflicts appeared in the election,therefore it made people dislike election activity.
Therefore when people recommend him for the election,Mr. Chen starts to consult and discuss with each other,finaly he earn the supports of all
Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in Asia.He said" overseas' Taiwan Chamber of Commerce is the extension of economical,the investment of Taiwan in Asia exceed more than 50000000000 U.S. dol- lars, we have to work for the grouping benefits as the first priorty." Mr. Chen always has to travel through countries for business and deal with the ma- tters of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce,therefore he understood the difficulties when Taiwan people doing the business in other country,and he always help them for any- thing he can do,donation or helping the students is his basic job, everyone know about it in Malaysia.Few times ago,Taiwan's diplomatic relation in the middle of American-Dominican Republic,Taiwan Chamber of Commerce ask them to donate bicycles for the local poor students,the the part had donated in Malaysia ,nomina- lly ware share the expenses by 25 members of a council,but in fact is all paid by Mr. Chen Kun Huang.the reason he did it is because some of them complain for"Why do we had to DONATE money for everytimes' meeting?"and he does not want to see them break their friendship because of money.
The Economical Group leader in Kuala Lumpur of R.O.C-Mr. Fan Liang Dong said:"his factory export 100 containers per month,but always had to travel throuth placeses in
Malaysia within one day just for the matters of Chamber of Commerce.He enjoy what he is doing, he is an incredible man. The donation activity of"921 earthquake" in 1999 ,he recruited for 18000000 N.T. dollars ." In fact, Mr. Chen started for this kind of job since he was 25,in 1994 he served the post of the president of council of Camping Association in Taipei,Until now he si still the adviser of many mechanisms,you will see him for all the meetings .Mr. Chen's wife Mrs. Yao Hua Mao and young brother Mr. Chen Kun Guo known his characteristic well,therefore they share his jobs and help him in all times, he is too busy and has notime for his family,but he is still the idol of his 2 daughters. Mr. Chen earnd many kinds of medals of internal and overseas to commend his suc- cessful jobs,since selling the components of motor vehicle till making the top head of umbrelly,dining table chair and the output amount for a year of 2000000 units, (9% of world total output amount !) No.1 output amount of single manufactory of the world. What attract people sight is many years ago,he save the profit he earnd from the i- nvesting of overseas back to his home country,and invited 15 formal Russin Engineers in Cosmos Vacuum Technology Corp. use his way to realize the purpose of "Taiwan
Chamber of Commerce had to take care their home!"
Mr.Chen Kun Huang (Main president of
Taiwan chamber of commerce