Cosmos Vacuum Technology Corporation
1>. Introduction

Cosmos Vacuum Technology Corporation(Cosmos) was founded on January
1996 and devoted to the enchancement and popularization of "Physical
VaporDepositon Technology, P.V.D."(ION Sputtering). Cosmos introduc-
ed P.V.D.machines from Russia to run the experiment and has develop-
ed Physical and Chemical Electrical Polish Method, which is patente-
d internationally. Lack of professional and organizations of P.V.D. technology in Taiwan, the strategies of Cosmos are to focus on tech-
nology transfer, training, and commercialize high technology.
2>. Basic Information                                 (Map)         
1. Company Name :Cosmos Vacuum Technology Corporation Taiwan 2. Address :No. 45 Wu-Chuan 7 Road, Wu-Ku Industrial Park, Taipei County, Taiwan R.O.C. 3. Telephone number :886 2 2299-5153 4. Fax number :886 2 2299-7939/2298-0285 5. Date of Foundation :5 January, 1996 6. Capital :New Taiwan Dollars three hundred and fiften milli-
on only. 7. Number of Staff :70
3>. Main Products

           1. Routers and Drills
           2. Golf Heads
           3. Spectacle Frames
           4. Watch case & Watch band
           5. Optical coating

Under our factory there are four portions:

 1. Router Department

    This department in charge of routers
coating, testing, research & developing. The routers are use for PCB i-
ndustrial. The monthly consumptionare over six million pieces in the w-
orld wide. 2. Super Hardness Department
This department in charge of various knives, tool, model,Engine parts and various parts use for space industries coating, testing, research & developing.
3. Decoration coating Department The decoration coating Included Golf head, Watch case, watch band & Spectacle Frames. This department not only coating, but also resea- rch about the Nickel Free for various decoration. 4. Optical Department The optical department research & developing optical lens, microsc- ope lens, CRT, Reflector, CD-ROM Title,Semiconductor..etc.
The advantages for the coated routers of

 1. The hardness of surface from 2,000HV 
    increase to 4,000~
4,500HV.And the inner material is s- till tough. 2. The surface is smoother, and the fr- iction factor is decreased from nor- mal 0.7ro 0.3. 3. Excellent heat spread, optimum chip removal and not easy to cut-off. 4. The routing speed can be raised 3 times. 5. The stacks can be increased 25-50% 6. The life time can be extend more than 3 times. 7. Summary: The customer can raise prod- uction efficiency,cost down, improved the quality and increase fine produc- ts by using the coated routers of Cosmos.